What is www.WErentNY.com ?
www.WErentNY.com  is a site dedicated to the those who are looking for rental units in New York City and Metro areas. We are Real Estate professionals working in Charles Rutenberg Realty (www.crrli.com ) and working with different management companies and private landlords  seeking clients like you to fill up the rental units.

Why I should use www.WErentNY.com ?
We get thousands of hits everyday since we launched www.WErentNY.com , we partnered with Google and other search engines to promote our site. also we send fliers and rent magazine pages for our site periodically.

Are all your listings updated?
All our listings are updated at least once a day, usually every morning we get the updated list from the management/landlord.

What is the difference between www.WErentNY.com and other free sites ?
We are a group of Real Estate professionals dedicated to serve you with real time updated listings with a personal touch. We work with the same goal of helping you with more updated listings in a shortest given time. However the other sites are filled with either old/expired listings or some listings doesn't exist (which some Realtors use as a trap to get clients). 
You might not see thousands of listings in our site, but whatever you see most likely it exist in the market, unless it didn't get an application or got rented.

Do you accept programs like Section 8, FEPS, Work Advantage etc?
Some of the landlords do accept programs, please contact us with any specific listings or mention your program details and we can advise you accordingly.

How some listings are FREE and some are with FEE?
All FREE listings are paid by the landlord/management companies and all FEE listings are not paid by the landlord/management companies

What I need to have to qualify to your listings?
Typically the primary applicant (or combined with the co applicant) need to make 40 (forty) times of the monthly rent as gross yearly income, with a decent credit (no collections or bankruptcy in past few years), stable job with good landlord's reference.

How long it takes to find an answer from the management/landlord if I am qualified?
Usually we find out within 6-8 hours after we send them the application and all necessary documents, sometime it takes an extra day or two depends how long it takes to verify your employment or landlord reference.

Do you have any offers for FREE Cable and Internet?
Some listings has a free offer for 1st month basic cable and Internet service from Time Warner, please check with us for the details.

What are the utilities included?
Usually heat and hot water is included, but please check with us for more details.

Once I am approved can I wait another week, I will be away and will come back next week?
Usually the landlord/management doesn't wait more than a day or two after they approve you for the unit, let us know and we can try to convince the management/landlord , but you might have to put a non refundable deposit.

As a landlord what I need to do to list my unit with you?
You need to sign an exclusive contract with us, only you may rent on your own directly to a tenant, not through any real estate agents. In that case (if you rent directly to the tenant, we won't claim any fee or commission).